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When it comes to effective Search Engine Optimization, the primary goal is to get your business’s website to the top of the search engine results when someone searches for the goods or services that your company offers. Traffic generated from this type of internet search is called organic traffic. The visitor performs a web search and clicks through your site looking for the things they need or products interested in purchasing. Organic traffic generates much of the revenue of a company’s online business. The need for more organic is why competition is stiff when it comes to search engine ranking and why effective SEO strategies are vital to your business.


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Grow Your Business With Charlotte SEO And Digital Marketing

Learning a few things about SEO and digital marketing is crucial if you want to leverage the power of the Internet to grow your business in Charlotte. Search engine optimization will help you become more noticeable in search results and generate more traffic while digital marketing will make your products or services more appealing and allow you to deliver the information that potential buyers need to make the right decision. Familiarize yourself with the following Charlotte SEO services and digital marketing strategies that we use to grow your business.

Optimizing Your Website

An optimized website will rank higher in search results and will help you deliver a better experience for your visitors. This will result in a higher conversion rate since visitors will be more likely to read through your content and to follow links that will take you to other pages of your website. You can optimize your website by updating your design, getting rid of unnecessary elements and making sure all your pages work correctly with different browsers and devices.

Ranking Higher In Search Results

Ranking higher in search results for the most popular keywords in your niche is not easy. You should do some keyword research to identify phrases and keywords that your competitors might have overlooked so you can develop content around these keywords and appear at the top of the search results for these specific niches. Our Charlotte SEO firm focuses on keywords that convey a buying intent but don’t hesitate to develop content that will help your target audience earlier in their research process.

Generating Leads

Getting traffic to your site via links and search results is a good start, but you need to find a way to turn these visitors into leads. Do not expect visitors to make a purchase right away when they find your website. You need to generate leads by offering something valuable to your visitors and finding a way to stay in touch with them. You could, for instance, launch an email distribution list and offer a free eBook to the visitors who sign up. If email is not the best way to connect with your target audience, consider using a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a blog or a Podcast.

Developing Your Online Visibility

Developing your online presence will allow you to stay in touch with leads and existing customers and to reach out to more Internet users who have never heard of your brand. You should look into writing guest posts for popular blogs in your niche, exchanging links with other sites and creating quality content that will get shared on social media. Our Charlotte SEO experts uses these strategies help make your company more visible; helping you generate more organic traffic. Try being active online on a daily basis and always look for new ways to get your content shared so you can become an authority in your field.

Running Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns can be a good way to get noticed online. You should think about investing in ads that will be displayed in search results if you cannot rank higher than your competitors. Running ads that will be displayed on specific websites or played before video content can be a good strategy too. Create ads that will grab the attention of Internet users and target your audience very carefully. Look for a PPC ad service that allows you to select very specific interests or online habits, so you can show your ads to the right people.

Crafting Your Content Creation Strategy

Quality content is what will help you grow your business online. Using the right keywords and sharing links to your content is important but keep in mind that people will not stay on your site for very long if they cannot find helpful information. Quality content will help you develop a stronger presence on social media, keep the subscribers of your email list interested in the messages you send and gain more subscribers for your YouTube channel. Try developing more content on a weekly basis, use different formats and platforms and do your best to create content that delivers something valuable to your audience.

Getting Results

We work on your SEO and digital marketing campaigns on a daily basis to grow your business. We also use different analytic tools to gather helpful numbers regarding visits and sales. We go over these numbers to determine where your traffic comes from and which pieces of content or links help you generate the most sales. This information will help you improve your SEO and digital marketing campaigns efforts.

These unique Charlotte SEO practices will help you grow your business online. Focus on the strategies that make sense for your goals and do some research on your target audience to determine the best way to reach out to these specific users.

Mobile Website Optimization

Optimize Your Site For Mobile

People are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly

As mobile device use continues to grow every year, more people will spend time on their mobile devices and tablets but many websites are not optimized for smaller screen sizes and site speed. We can help optimize your website to ensure that visitors who access your site from any mobile device will have a smooth, easy experience.

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