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When it comes to effective Search Engine Optimization, the primary goal is to get your business’s website to the top of the search engine results when someone searches for the goods or services that your company offers. Traffic generated from this type of internet search is called organic traffic. The visitor performs a web search and clicks through your site looking for the things they need or products interested in purchasing. Organic traffic generates much of the revenue of a company’s online business. The need for more organic is why competition is stiff when it comes to search engine ranking and why effective SEO strategies are vital to your business.


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Key SEO Factors For Local Businesses

If your goal is to generate more sales from local customers, you must position your website at a much higher position on the search engines for your targeted keywords. These keyword phrases should be used by people that will likely become customers, whether you are selling products or offering services in your local area. There are several key Newtown SEO factors that you need to consider if you want to outclass your competition. Even if they already have page 1 positions, you will have a chance to outrank them using the following strategies.

What You Should Know About SEO

Search engine optimization revolves around a core group of strategies that must be used in order to position a website. If this can do this properly, targeting longtail keyword phrases that potential customers are using on the search engines, you can start to generate quite a bit of traffic. These visitors may become long-term customers for whatever it is that you have to offer. You simply need to know what strategies to implement, and also how to choose the best keyword phrases to target.

How We Do Keyword Targeting

When people search for keyword phrases, they often choose ones that are very difficult to rank for. They may see that a keyword phrase will get thousands of potential searches per month, but they neglect to realize how competitive that keyword actually is. We like to focus on longtail keywords that are four keywords or longer. Although fewer people will type these in, these very specific keyword phrases are an indication that they are looking for a product or service that they actually want to buy.

On-Site SEO Strategies We Use

Strategies that we use on your website are called on-site strategies. As the name would indicate, all of these techniques are used to modify the website so that the search engine algorithms will look at it in a much more favorable light. For instance, if you are using videos on each page that you post, related images, and you are interconnecting all of your similar posts with internal linking, this is going to help. It is very important to use unique content with every page and post that you make, and also link out to other websites that are already in top positions for the same keyword phrases you are targeting. The combination of doing all of the strategies will help you have the best possible chance of reaching a page 1 position. Obtaining the number one spot, however, is a little more difficult and that requires proper backlinking strategies.

Off-Site SEO Strategies We Use

Instead of changing things on your website, these strategies pertain to doing one thing. You are getting backlinks, actual hyperlinks that are situated on different websites and blogs that are pointing back to your website. The higher the ranking of that website in Google, the better or more powerful that link will be. These links should also come from domains that have high page authority and domain authority, referred to as PA and DA, respectively. If you can get at least two or three backlinks from Web 2.0 properties that already ranking high in the search engines, you should have no problem achieving number one positions for the keyword phrases that you are targeting.

Many of these strategies can be implemented if you have some prior experience with SEO. If you don’t, or if you do not have the time to get any of this done, the search engine optimization professionals at Switch Lead SEO can help. Not only will they use these techniques, but they will also use advanced strategies which will include video marketing and social media marketing, both of which can be very powerful when it comes to driving targeted traffic to any website. Whether you choose to do this on your own, or work with a local search engine optimization professional, these key SEO factors and strategies for local businesses will help you get into multiple top positions in the search listings.

Mobile Website Optimization

Optimize Your Site For Mobile

People are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly

As mobile device use continues to grow every year, more people will spend time on their mobile devices and tablets but many websites are not optimized for smaller screen sizes and site speed. We can help optimize your website to ensure that visitors who access your site from any mobile device will have a smooth, easy experience.

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