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10 Tips for Getting Your Brand up and Running as an Entrepreneur

Do you want to be successful, rewritten and remembered?

A strong trend with several benefits is to cooperate with another company. H&M was early to do this through several re-written collaborations with international star designers.
Collaboration can help you add a dimension that sets your offering apart from the competition.

In addition, we share our top tips for monitoring your surroundings – and acting on what happens:

Just by skimming through the news feed, you usually find several topics that give a reason to act in some way.

Here are our top 10 tips for getting your brand up and running as an entrepreneur:

1. Register a good domain name.

Your name is your greatest asset and something to create both awareness and sympathy for, so it’s worth spending a little time finding the right one. Keep in mind that short names are good. Make sure to register URLs for both .com and .se and avoid hyphens and extensions in the URL.

2. Write your story.

In a world where everything technically can be done by everyone, an exciting story becomes increasingly important. Something both customers and the media like is to hear how everything started. Whether it is a custom basement production or a well-known problem you want to solve – write it down.

3. Do it your way.

Dare to have a pronounced policy on how your work makes you more interesting and clear. Whether it is about the environmental classification of products, investment profile, complaints policy or you want to be the best option in your industry, it is important to make it clear to your potential customers, and a good way to get the right employees internally.
Develop your policy by identifying some important phenomena for your industry and / or your outside world and simply write down how you relate to them. Specify “Here’s how we do”, “Here’s how we don’t” and “If you hire me you can be sure of this”.

4. Find a signature product/service.

Identify a product or service in your range that you are good at and focus on it. It is easier to go from specialist to generalist than the other way around.

5. The logo is important, but not vital.

Perhaps an unexpected piece of advice from a person working on producing them, but John thinks the logo’s role has changed:
Previously, uniqueness was important. Today, the increasing number of brand conflicts shows that it is almost impossible to produce a unique symbol. The logo should rather be seen as something that can modernize the image of your business or increase its attractiveness.

6. Take advantage of the internet.

Too many companies just see the Internet as yet another window to be seen in, without taking full advantage of the Internet’s potential. Identify the most important keywords for your business and strive to get other websites to link those words to your site. You can also start a simple blog and bid on your knowledge, often and briefly, which brings readers and links to your site. This will improve your search engine rankings so that more people find you.

7. Network.

Identify, organize and communicate with your contacts. Use your e-mail signature as a messenger: tell us something about your company, include quotes from some positive customers or quote an article about you.
And whether it be customers, media or professional models – contact them!

8. Monitor your industry

What is happening in the world or in your immediate area that you can respond to? Skim through the news feed and find events to act on. Like when JohnLook.com produced a design in the same font style as Barack Obama’s rewritten election campaign.

9. Combine two, preferably different, offers.

It has become very difficult to come up with a unique offer. New “vacant” business ideas are quickly absorbed and those that prove successful are copied quickly and easily. An original composite offer can make your business stand out.
Say you want to start a newspaper agency, a fairly well-established market. Think about possible customer problems. If debris dominates, be the first to pick up and recycle the magazines you distribute, John tips.

10. Collaborate

Doing a project together with another company is a strong trend with several benefits. You get double expertise and synergies as well as shared costs. In addition, the signal value in itself is positive Рsuccessful collaborations radiate constructively and smartness and interest the media Рthe more surprising collaboration the better. Successful collaborations also drive customers, especially if they are limited in time or circulation.

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