Thursday, October 29

4 Ways to Create a Successful Brand

The right domain name, an aura of expertise and some simple tricks to get others to tell you why your business is fantastic. These four tips on successful brands you want to know!

1. Start with the domain name

Most buying decisions today are made using the Internet and search engines like Google, and a strong domain name is absolutely crucial.

You can choose between having a domain name that corresponds to your target group’s search habits, such as, or a domain name based on your company’s brand such as

Strive to use as short domain names as possible, and if possible buy both .se and .com. Try to avoid hyphens in the address.

2. Become an expert and share knowledge

Let’s start by getting to know your company. Therefore, it is crucial that you create an image of expertise around you and your brand. Start easily by sharing tips and advice (within your subject) on your website and on social media.

Once you have done that, you can use one of our favorite strategies. Create a campaign on your website where you let potential customers “invite you to lunch, and you help them with their problems”.

Example: Say you have a construction company. Then you can create a campaign under the slogan “Invite me for lunch, and I’ll tell you everything I can about how to build your patio smoothly”.

This results in 1) that you are invited to lunch because many want your knowledge, and 2) that the person you meet realizes that you are an expert, and becomes interested in letting you build the patio instead.

3. Let others tell your story

There is a lot of talk about storytelling, and this tool becomes even more effective if you let others tell your story.

Let all your satisfied customers tell you what you have done together, how well they have been and how satisfied they are. And preferably something personal.

Post the stories on your website and on social media. Ideally, they should be in video form, but pictures and quotes also go well.

Do you find it difficult to get customers to set up as references? Promise to link to their website, so it usually works better.

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