Sunday, September 20

5 Common Mistakes Companies Make in Their Customer Interaction

1. Content that does not appeal

Consumers are exposed daily to a large number of messages from companies. Therefore, to reach your target audience, the key is to succeed through the great rush of messages. In order to succeed, your communication cannot be milk. As a result of fierce competition, your content must generate interest in attracting attention. Another factor to keep in mind is to facilitate your customer interaction as much as possible.

Above all, the content must be made easily accessible. The recipient should not be required to go through time-consuming processes to access the content. For example, you should avoid asking the customer to fill out long forms, as this may result in the customer losing interest. The risk then is that they lose your content, and you may have missed an important customer.

2. The difficulty of delivering quality

The importance of communicating across borders is then old. This also applies within companies, where different departments must communicate with each other to create coherent customer interaction. Thus, the communication must be of the same high quality in all channels – be it landing pages on the website, in physical stores or via SMS.

Figures show that more and more people are surfing through their mobile phone. Therefore, it is of great importance to place a lot of focus on the mobile experience. For example, all digital content produced in mobile must be adapted. This is to give the customer a positive experience and maintain consistent quality over all touchpoints.

3. Too little research

A third mistake companies often make in their customer interaction is that too little time and resources are spent on research about the customer’s wishes. To create interesting content for the customer, it is crucial to know what the customer wants to see more of. This research is often placed on the marketing department but can be useful for all departments to take part in. For example, this can be valuable information for the sales department or for product development. However, the information, unfortunately, stays with the marketing department all too often.

4. Low understanding of customer experience

Unfortunately, many companies do not fully understand their customers, which is often reflected in their communication. In order to improve their customer interaction it is important to put in the shoes of the customer. What does the customer think and think, and what expectations do they have for you and your company?

Often silence is a confirmation that your communication has not been captured correctly. Therefore, in silence, you should review why your communication does not create customer engagement. The problem here is that many companies lack elaborate processes to capture, understand or act on the customer’s silence.

5. Focus on new customers

In too many cases, we can see how resources are being spent on finding new customers, instead of focusing on increasing the loyalty of existing customers. If you do not have an onboarding and loyalty program, or do not work with account-based marketing, your interaction with existing customers may need to be reviewed. As important as it is to engage new customers, it is to take care of the customers who do not get involved.

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