5 Tips for Generating Leads in Social Media

Good content on social media allows you to generate leads, many and qualified leads. In this blog post, we have collected 5 great tips that can help you create leads on social media.

How to generate leads on social media?

Sharing content on social media can be used to engage their existing followers (and customers) but can also be used to engage potential customers. In social media, the content must be both interesting and relevant to engage the audience. “Mixed” content is good at the beginning for attracting new leads.

But since, it is important to reactivate the lead with more relevant content that addresses new possible stages in the buying process where the lead can be located.

1. Humorous content

Most companies can find something humorous to share in social media. A well-placed joke or quick comment will help users remember your company name, which increases the likelihood that users will share content from your company in the future. If the humor is in line with company brand guidelines, this is an excellent opportunity to create commitment and attention.

A good example is the American fast-food chain Taco Bell, which is known for its funny pictures and tweets. Taco Bell is known for joking with its customers and often participates in humorous discussions with other companies. Check out their Facebook page for more inspiration.

But remember! You’re not a comedian. Jokes should not be rude or potentially offensive. Of course, everyone has different types of humor, so it is important to find a middle ground. A good start can be to start joking about yourself and your brand. It’s important to understand your audience before you start with humor.

2. How-to content

The posts that are shared most on social media are posts that contain information. You are an expert in your field and as an expert, you have important knowledge to share with your followers on social media. Sharing content with value makes your followers more receptive to the rest of your communication. Relevant e-books, videos or reports explaining coveted topics are always appreciated. You’re the expert! Therefore, you need to make sure you share your knowledge further.

Tip: Use pictures, infographics or videos to explain your score. This makes it easier to understand and not least easier to share.

3. Invite to discussion

Inspiring content makes it easier for your followers to get involved. Post relevant articles for your industry, invite for discussion and invite your followers to share their own experiences. The key to inspiring content is to think like the recipient. Be aware of who you are talking to. Someone who is 55 years old does not think and respond in the same way as a 24-year-old. Listen and learn what your audience is interested in.

4. Dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue

In social media, there is a natural structure for creating dialogue. Be sure to not only publish one-way communication but create content that requires dialogue and engagement. Set aside time and resources to be present on your social media. Not answering requests from customers or potential customers is unprofessional. Thank them for taking the time to share something on your Facebook page and take the time to respond to criticism and comments respectfully.

5. Marketing and advertising content

Social media is a useful marketing tool and a good channel for promoting your company’s brand and products. But keep in mind that too much marketing can cause your followers to turn your back. No one wants to be pitched by sellers every day.

Let’s be realistic, marketing content is not always the most exciting content. Your followers and customers want to learn something new from you and expect you to know their needs.

Balance is important

To balance your content you can follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts, tweets or other types of content should not contain commercial messages. The remaining 20% ​​may be offered, information or other sales-related content.

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