Tuesday, April 20

7 Tips to Getting Loyal Customers Online

Exceeding expectation. Delivering a little extra is an easy way to create a relationship with the customer. It can be a gift, a discount coupon or maybe a customized tip. But set the expectation at a reasonable level, let the little extra come as a surprise. Otherwise, the customer may have too high expectations from the beginning and be disappointed.

Give a response. Answer the customer’s questions quickly, otherwise, they continue browsing. Choose willing channels you want to communicate in and be quick with the response there. Rather a few channels with good response than many channels with poor response.

Target Analysis. In what channels does your target audience hang? When do they shop? What questions do they have? By creating forums where customers can ask questions, for example on social media, you can control what content you should have in the communication. Remember to segment the target audience: The right message to the right audience segment.

Content, not advertising. Content marketing, or content marketing, is vital for creating communication with customers. Produce tips, advice and guides that interest the target group.

Invite to reviews. Many customers shop on recommendations. Therefore, it is important to be on sites like Trustpilot and to open for reviews on Facebook and Google. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, but be quick to respond and try to solve the problem so that the customer is satisfied.

Use video. We humans would prefer to be seen physically to create trust. Video is the closest you can get online. There you can be authentic and show who is behind the message.

Engage the users. If you have many satisfied customers, you can encourage user-generated content. An example is the Wish website, which publishes videos when customers open packages. Other easy ways are to let your customers share their best tips or have contests. When customers engage, it spreads to more.

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