7 Ways to Find new Customers

There are shortcuts to finding new customers, and our 17 simple tips give you a head start compared to competitors. So if you want to find new customers, don’t miss this guide.

Number one, when you have your own business, is sales! However, many entrepreneurs get a little scared when it comes to this particular issue. Is my product really good enough? Does the customer really want to buy from me? YES! Just get in the collar and start selling. We give you help along the way with a list of 7 ways to find new customers. Let’s do it, entrepreneurs!

Step 1: Get allies

An easy and good way to acquire new customers is to acquire one or more partner companies that are not competitors, but which are aimed at the same target group. For example, if you are a painter, you can ally yourself with a carpenter. You make sure to link to each other from your respective sites, and always recommend each other when you are at work.

Step 2: Take advantage of the gift of speech

The word of mouth method is undoubtedly one of the best sales channels. Give your current customers some kind of compensation if they bring you new customers. For example, it can be a good discount or free products. Make sure each “seller” gets a unique sales number so you can see who acquired the customer. Also, let your family and friends be the advertising pillar for you.

Step 3: Consider affiliates

Affiliates mean that someone is marketing your products or services on their site, and you only pay a commission when the customer buys or orders something. There are most affiliate networks, but you can also build yourself in a simple form together with some important partners. Keep it simple!

Step 4: Become a thought leader

In today’s information society, it is smart to offer something extra when you market your products. Make sure your information material contains tips and guides that are about your industry and that the customer is interested in. By having articles on your website, you also attract more visitors, including through Google. And the more people who read your material and gain confidence in your expertise, the more people will shop with you.

Step 5: Visit trade shows as visitors

You do not need to exhibit at trade fairs in order to take advantage of them. Choose the trade fairs that suit your business. Bring business cards and information material (and have the LinkedIn app ready to exchange contact information there) and get started building networks and attracting new customers. Dare to talk to everyone!

Step 6: Join Business Network

In every city, there is a network for entrepreneurs. The purpose is to create business for each other. Do it! The key to success is to create business for others, then you almost always get more back. Anyone who does not give back does not receive anything. Examples of good networks are the Entrepreneurs, the New Business Center, GNI and the Chamber of Commerce. Some of the authorities also arrange meetings occasionally. Be active!

Step 7: Get a relevant newsletter

Newsletters are mainly intended to maintain a good relationship with existing customers, but with simple means, you can also get the letter to work to get new customers. Make sure you have a box where the subscriber can forward the letter to a friend. Also let the letter contain something other than just product advertising, such as interesting articles or tips. This way you get more subscribers, and thus more customers. And don’t call it newsletters, name it something that attracts – for example, “Decisive insights from the construction industry”

There are shortcuts to finding new customers, and our 7 simple tips give you a head start compared to competitors.

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