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7 Ways To Get Quality Leads Online to Your Business 2020

7 Ways To Get Quality Leads to Your Business 2020

The reasons for working to get more leads can be many. For example, the collaboration between sales and the market can be tough: the market is tearing its hair to succeed in delivering leads with the right quality, while sales are sitting and frustrated stomping in the floor that those who come in are not good enough. Or is just too few. It may also be the case, in a bit of a smaller company, that there is not a whole market team in place that works daily to increase the number of leads, which places demands on sales to work actively themselves to get them.

7 concrete tips for more leads

  • Identify your ideal customer (buyer persona)
  • Less sales and more help
  • Make sure the salespeople become active in social media
  • Contribute to content
  • Share with you something of value
  • Convert more
  • Invest in marketing automation

1. Identify your ideal customer (buyer persona)

First thing first so to speak. Buyer personas are a key ingredient in inbound marketing and at least as important to sellers as to marketers. Without knowing who you really want to sell to, it will be much more difficult to reach your offer. A buyer persona is a semi-representative representation of your or your ideal customers. Make sure you on sales together with the market create a persona and then get to know them in depth. It allows sellers to better understand the person’s challenges, how they find out information and how to customize their messages and pitches to attract the person.

2. Less sales and more help

“Hi, I’m a potential customer! What can you sell me?” Said noone ever. Prospectus no longer contacts a seller for information about a product or service. Today, they already have full control over a product or service when they contact one of your sellers. This means that virtually all sales work should change from “always be selling” to “always be helping”. The potential customer’s challenges and needs should be at the center of everything, and the added value lies in helping your sales people through their buying journey. For sellers this can of course feel a little difficult, as it is a big change compared to more traditional sales.

3. Make sure the salespeople become active in social media

Social media is a must for exploration and new leads. Especially on LinkedIn, sellers can look for people with a specific title and their business pages can provide you with very valuable information. They should also look around in their network, what contacts their contacts have that may be of interest to you. For you as a sales manager, it is important to lower the fear of starting a dialogue, asking what prospect needs help with and getting the salespeople to be generous with their knowledge.

4. Contribute to content

Although marketers are generally the ones who create the majority of the content that exists on a company blog, there is nothing that says sellers cannot or should not blog. Being an expert in a field today is high, and here they really have the chance to show their expertise. But blogging not only offers the opportunity to showcase expertise, it will also educate prospects, which is sure to be appreciated by them. It is also important to share what is written, more specifically in social media and where customers read prospectuses.

5. Share something of value to you

When we people do research online today it is often because we simply need help with something. But we are more concerned than ever that the content we consume provides something of value, otherwise we will not read it. Here it is also important to get to know one’s person, without knowledge of what they have for challenges and what kind of content the person prefers, it will be difficult to create content that is truly perceived as valuable and helpful. Examples of formats that usually work well here are ebooks, guides or checklists.

6. Convert more

Always make it easy for your visitors to convert, this is where you can turn anonymous visitors into leads. Far too many companies still have sites where the visitor has to search through several pages before they even come to a contact form (if there is even one). Also add forms to the blog, where visitors get the opportunity to convert when they choose to download premium content, such as an e-book.

7. Invest in marketing automation

Email is still a strong communication channel, especially when you send something exciting to people who already know your business. They know who you are, but may not yet have converted to a lead. Here, the sellers have great opportunities to personally provide the people in question with information that they believe they may be interested in. Today, there are many systems that help you automate this type of process – for example HubSpot.


Although it is largely the job of the marketing department to get leads into the sales department, one need not exclude the other. In some cases, it is even a must for salespeople to also help on a corner to generate more leads. Being active on social media, daring to create content from your perspective as a seller and using e-mails are some of our tips on how you as a seller can work for more leads.

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