Tuesday, April 20

8 Tips to Sell More with Instagram

I am shocked that others did not take the thing. Dare, just start somewhere! It doesn’t take that long. I spend almost two hours a week, but you can put it on one level so it only takes half an hour a weeks.

Here are our best Instagram tips:

1. Focus on taking good pictures

Images engage more than text, so spend time on them and use the filters and enhancements available in the app.

2. But don’t forget the text!

Explain what you have posted, such as the benefits of a particular product. Post photos to customers and let them tell you why they are happy with your business.

3. Tell us you are there

Have links to Instagram on your website and Facebook page.

4. Use hashtag

By typing words with a # character before, others can find your posts as they search for that word. Good examples are the place where you have your store, or services and products you sell.

5. Update right often

Post one to two posts a day.
The best time to post can vary.

6. Offer previews

For example, on products you will include in the range. Follow up with a picture and link to the product in your webshop once they have arrived.

7. Pair

Make the product you posted on Instagram visible in your local or home page of your webshop.

8. Fix competitions

Organize competitions to gain more visibility and more followers.

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