Wednesday, August 5

9 Ways to Find New Customers

Quite new and in need of customers, or already in progress but want more? Here’s how you succeed!

Want more customers? The billing service Billogram has made a guide on how to succeed. In this article, we have compiled the best tips:

1) Look for existing contacts

It’s easy to underestimate the network we already have, but start there! Write down at least ten people amongst your acquaintances who might be interested in your services – or who know someone who might be and ask them to introduce you. Dare to contact us!

2) Get a professional website

Create your own site, and make sure it is search engine optimized. Then potential customers can find you when they do searches related to the problems you are solving – read how here.

3)… or create a blog

By sharing your expertise in a blog, you are building your brand. It can lead to customers turning to you when they need help – and you won’t have to sell.

4) Join Facebook groups

Be active in groups on Facebook that are relevant to your products and services. But not only does it promote you, it is easily seen as unwanted advertising and can do more harm than good. Instead, invest in adding value by answering questions that emerge and thus appear as an expert.

5)… and invest in Facebook ads

With a Facebook page you can show off your offer, and with Facebook ads you can then methodically target this to the right target group, often at a low cost. You can even be so precise that you target your ads to the very people and companies you want to work with. Read more here.

6) Be visible on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you can advertise your services and find people to connect with. Create a good presentation page with a picture of you, and send for references from customers. You can also profile yourself as an expert by sharing your knowledge in groups (like on Facebook) and writing LinkedIn articles.

7) Mingle and network

Internet in all honesty, but meeting someone for real is often the most effective way to build a relationship. So be sure to sign up for relevant events where you have a chance to meet new customers – don’t forget your business cards.

8) Get help from your competitors – sorry, colleagues!

Connect with other small business owners and agencies in your industry, and see them as colleagues – not competitors. Offer to take jobs that they can’t do. Be generous with tips about their companies – they may refer jobs to you in the future.

9) Make cold calls

Does it take to call unknown companies and sell? Not only is it a way to find customers, but you also get direct feedback and questions about your service – so you can continue to sharpen it.

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