Tuesday, April 20

How to Attract Customers to Your Business

Have you started your website but have not yet got any customers? We know that reaching your first customers can be difficult. That is why you need to work to be seen – because if you are not visible, your customers won’t find it. We want you to appear so here are our best tips on how to create a snack ice cream around your brand and drive traffic to your website!

Read through the tips and test them on your business. The best thing is if you can somehow track where your first customers come from so you can see which strategy works best and which you should invest more time in the future!

1. Use your social media

Through Facebook, we are inspired and find many new services and products in which we choose to invest our money. How is it going? Well, when we see that one of our friends likes something then our trust in the supplier is immediately increased and the step to actually shop becomes shorter. In other words, it is smart to tell in your Facebook status about your company and your products.

2. Friends, family, and fools

Certainly, you have heard the English phrase “friends, family and fools”. In short, this means that it is the first group you should turn to and where you will certainly receive a good response. Review which friends, family members, or others in your network may be interested in your products.

When you do, contact them and tell them about your brand and the benefits of your products. If they are interested, they will most likely recommend your products in their own networks!

“75 percent of recipients don’t think companies are completely honest in their ads”

Given the above quote, which comes from a US market survey, we can see that your brand’s ambassadors are very important and probably have more impact than an ad. Therefore, in the long run, you win by giving your ambassadors good discounts so that they happily promote your brand.

3. Send out an offer to your mailing list

As soon as you know that you are going to start a business, it is good if you start collecting e-mail addresses from everyone who shows interest in the company. This work should be ongoing as long as you run the company. You should strive to constantly increase the customer base and expand your network.

When you have compiled a good email list, with a well thought out and “reasonable” frequency, send e-mail or newsletter with good “VIP offers”. You can also share the latest news. Think about what can convert your email subscribers to customers – what can you offer to attract them?

4. Find partner companies

Think about which companies you could partner with in your business. Finding partnerships with companies that have already built a strong brand gives you a good push on the road towards customers who are buying shoppers.

So which companies could be the reseller of your goods or recommend your services? Maybe there are partnerships where you both benefit from lifting each other. These types of partnerships often produce good results as it benefits both parties.

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