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Best 9 Ways to Find New Customers To Your Business 2020

Best 9 Ways to Find New Customers To Your Business 2020

Finding new customers for the company is a major challenge for many entrepreneurs and salespeople. Moreover, when you work daily to keep existing customers satisfied, it is easy to overlook the recruitment of new ones – which are at least as important.

To help your company, we have compiled a list of the 25 best tips for finding new customers. The tips on the list can be adapted to both small and large companies, as well as used in both the B2B and consumer industries. So whether you are looking for new clients for the cleaning company, the accounting firm, the construction company or the web agency, you can take help from the list.

1. Use existing customers

If you have a good relationship with your existing customers, you can always discuss with them if they have tips on people in their network who could be interested in your product / service. You can also go one step further and offer discounts and benefits to existing customers for referring new ones to you.

You can also combine this point with point 2, to give away something for free. Your existing customer can receive benefits by inviting a friend or acquaintance – just as the acquirer gets benefits to join.

2. Invest in sponsorship

Sponsoring to sponsor sports associations such as a football club or golf club can be a great way to find new customers. Remember, though, to take advantage of sponsorship and not just give away grants to put the logo on clothing. For example, if you sponsor a football team, you can go to the matches and network with both supporters and club members to show that your company exists.

3. Learn from your competitors

There is nothing wrong with taking examples from competitors. Studying competitors can inspire you to find new customers. For example, you can attend the same event or run similar campaigns that have proven to work well for competitors.

Another way to learn from competitors is to see how they do and then do the opposite. This works well if you have many competitors who all work with new customer processing in a similar way. Shock and interest potential buyers by doing something completely new. If all competitors are using digital marketing, you can try sending direct mail instead. It’s all about finding unused channels to reach out.

4. Optimize your sales message

Even the best sales tactics are hard to fight against a poorly formulated sales message. Reach more customers by optimizing your sales message. Think about why they are buying from you and what problem you are solving for them instead of what features the product has. Check out, for example, the AIDA model for help with designing a good sales message.

5. Promote in cheap and innovative ways

Take examples of the contractors’ way of marketing themselves and check out examples of guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing should be unconventional and surprising with the goal of maximizing impact with minimal resources.

It can be about placing eye-catching stickers out on the town that showcase your product in a clever way, or an exhibition right in the center. It can also be about minor things like sending a handwritten postcard to a potential buyer where you tell us about your day instead of telling you about your product.

6. Take good care of your existing customers

A good reputation is spreading fast and can help you a lot in the search for new customers. Partly by allowing your satisfied clients to recommend you to acquaintances and partly by using their reviews in your marketing. You can also use external review sites to increase your credibility with existing customer reviews, such as Trustpilot.

Also consider the opportunity to do the little extra for your customers. A good example of this is the anecdote about an American insurance salesman. He took this opportunity to show how important his customers were by visiting their neighbors and telling them that he was always there for the neighbor if he was away and had problems with the house. Such customer service provides a good reputation that spreads quickly.

7. Be rewritten in the newspaper

Remember to note the local newspaper when you are doing any interesting project. For example, if you have started to build ecologically, have taken important steps towards becoming a more sustainable company or are launching a new exciting product. At such times, it may also be a good idea to tip industry magazines, bloggers within your industry or other publishers online who may be interested in writing about your story.

8. Take advantage of social media

Use social media to reach new people, both organically and with the help of advertising. If you invest in advertising in social media, such as Facebook, it is important to keep track of which segments you want to target. Find out as much as possible about your customers; what age group they belong to, where they live and what interests they have. If there are multiple segments (different ages or interests), remember to customize the ads and message to the segment.

Also, remember to make it as easy as possible for those who find you via social media to contact you or buy your product. Link to your website where they can easily find contact information, use all contact opportunities via Facebook and link to your website in the profile on Instagram so as not to lose an interested visitor.

9. Collaborate with other companies

Begin working with companies close to you to refer customers to each other. Find companies close to you that offer a product / service that correlates with you and therefore attract the same visitors. Collaborate by referring your customers to them when needed and doing the same.

Examples of companies that can collaborate:

Carpentry and painting
Hairdressing salon and skin care therapist
Gym and sports shop
Hotel and museum
Marketing agency and printing company
Construction companies and decorators
Broker and bank

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