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How to Build Strong Customer Relationships

How to Build Strong Customer Relationships

Good customer relationships are personal relationships

Business is always about relationships. Over time, it has become a known fact. Some may even argue that good customer relationships can be more important than our product or service. Others say that companies should do business with customers who share their values. But as a matter of fact, business is more and more about personal customer relations. About relationships between two people who trust each other, like each other and have common interests.

This means that business relationships should remind more of private relationships. We have to like each other and give each other more than just an exchange of goods and services for the money.

If you have good customers that suit you well, you will also want to share more than just business. This means that we can be honest with our customers.

Loyalty over infidelity

Business is personal and you should not compromise on that. Customers deserve our loyalty. Too often, we hear salespeople who want to come to the management or board with their products.

Therefore, sales should be about getting “business friends”. People who you want the best and that you do everything in your power to make them successful. The world is full of good and interesting people. They sit on many levels with our customers and we will work with them regardless of whether they are new employees with the customer or own the entire business structure. For those people, we can do business with our whole life. Sometimes they are our customers, sometimes they are our suppliers and sometimes even employees.

Too many customer relationships?

From time to time, many of us feel that our LinkedIn contacts have become so numerous that it is no longer possible to keep in touch. There are too few hours a day. We also have a family, real friends and we also have to practice triathlon or run a marathon at least. It is expected.

It is preferable to have a systematic approach to your sales work. Maintain your network by making two calls a day Monday through  Friday. Your contacts will understand and learn that the conversations are not about direct sales. You just show that you care about them.

As you keep in touch, you will prioritize good customer relations, Your business will also continue to remain relevant to their customers.

You know you have the right customers when no name appears on your mobile screen that makes you want to hide in the toilet.

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