How to Build a Strong and Powerful Brand

A strong digital brand is important for exactly the same reason you found on this blog, joined Facebook (and not Google+) or googled information about that Christmas present last year.

Just as you and I search for information online, almost everyone, both existing and potential customers, are looking for services and products online.

In this post, we have chosen to rewrite the digital brand and the tips, therefore, presume that you already have (or have set the concept for) a today analog brand. That being said, we are hoping for our very best tips for a strong and long-term digital brand – which will make customers find you (instead of the opposite):

Define your target image and target audience

1. What are your values and what value do you create for your customers? In order to create a strong digital brand, you need to be clear about your brand’s identity. What do you believe in, what do you stand for and what niche are you best in?

2. Where is your target group? What social media channels are used, what are they looking for and what content are they interested in sharing? Also update your existing buyers personas based on their digital identities and movement patterns (read tip: check out our blog post “Content in buyer’s journey”).

3. Determine which channels, based on where your target group is located, you feel most comfortable. Where will your current brand identity work best and in which channels does it not work as well?

Startup the channels

Once you have landed in which channels are best suited for your particular brand, it is time to start up and optimize these. Most companies start with a website and / or a Facebook page, but many companies forget to give the channels equal love and care. We mean that an unsupervised page steals rather than helps and that an empty web page that links to half a Facebook page (more common than you can believe!) Is pointless.

1. Carefully care for your channels. Update them regularly, use uniform imagery and a clean and clear tone.

2. Create a content calendar for your website or channel. This way, you keep track of what type of post is to be published ahead and can ensure that you get a breadth of content that interests all your buyers in different stages of the buying process.

3. Build on winning concept. Do you notice that tips on efficiency improvements in your channels?

Spin on the topic and find new interesting angles on it to reach even wider.

Develops sensibly

The digital world is constantly evolving, and users are happy to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, in order to maintain a strong digital brand, it is important to keep track of trends, but also to weigh in on which trends are worth jumping on or relinquishing.

1. Keep track of news sites that report on the latest digital trends.

2. Skills development is internal. YouTube is a great source of knowledge, both in terms of digital brand strategy and trends. In addition, many large companies hold free courses in both marketing, strategy, and branding.

3. Do not give up on things that you do not master or understand unless you have the time or resources to deal with it. Your brand will not be remembered if you spread but will be strengthened by continuity and well thought out posts or posts. For that matter, do not be afraid to jump on fast trains or current events, but always keep your brand identity in mind.

Digital brands need the same type of care as a traditional brand but act in a more rapid climate. Be prepared to work hard, but also take into account that the impact can be cruel if you invest wholeheartedly. And remember: building a brand takes time, even digitally.

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