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Building Hype Around Your Brand With Instagram 2020

Building Hype Around Your Brand 2020 With Instagram

Imagine that you have made something concrete of your idea, tested it on a small scale and maybe got an angel investor on the hook. You know you’re on a potential gold mine – but how are you going to reach out with your product to the broad mass?

For a young startup without a huge marketing budget, social media has proven to be an excellent platform to grow on. It can even be the crucial difference between success and failure.

Many older and large brands have for a long time seen their stores as merely a sales place, instead of seeing them as a brand-building site that offers an experience for visitors. I think that is the key to success in retail.

Physical stores and e-commerce are not competing, but it is connected, it is strange that many large companies have not realized that yet.

It may sound like this type of marketing only applies to e-retailers, but that is not the case. A strong digital presence is important for most industries and companies.

Find a unique style

Presence on Instagram is based on frequency, with new posts every day. In order for you to be able to keep up, you need to build your brand around an imagery that you really like and think is fun to work with.

You should try to build a very personal style, with pictures taken in house. You should feel that there are people behind.

Adapt to the algorithms

Post the best and most relevant to your target audience to get high engagement and to get the algorithm to increase the reach of your post.

Strive for longer life span of the content produced. If you wish your followers a good morning and they see it at the top of their feed at 18 o’clock in the evening it is not that relevant anymore, so try to make content that does not feel old after a day” .

Be consistent

Create a strategy for what the posts should contain – and how often they should come. Then stick to this strategy. If you post three posts a day, you should then keep that pace.

.Your followers learn to love you for who you are, and then expect you to be so.

Find your own strategy

Post photos when your followers are active on the platform, you can see statistics if you have a company profile and respond to comments. Instagram is a community built on the fact that we are social with each other.

You don’t have to be afraid of spamming with pictures because not all of your followers see the content. Test yourself, you notice you lose followers if you post three times a day, try posting every other day. Find your own strategy.

Bright crisp images

Of course, Instagram is very much about the pictures. Mobile cameras are now so good that they do the job. Instead of just showing off the product as such, the followers may see different rooms and situations.

People, especially cute children, and pets often work well.

But post the good pictures on the feed and document your day on Stories.

Work those hashtags

Hashtags can carry tremendous power, so keep up with the trends in your category. Find the right tags and use them to highlight your posts.

Also use a hashtag for your own brand, which allows customers to tag their pictures with your products.

Many people search for posts via hashtags, so use many (up to 30) on your photos.

Previously, you would have 30 hashtags in the first comment field, now it’s about relevance and finding creative hashtags that support your business. Write them integrated in the caption to take advantage of the ‘follow #’ feature.


Many subcultures on Instagram have a tight network of dedicated creators and followers. Get to know them, for example, by commenting on their posts.

Feel free to collaborate with any other company or person you think is doing well.

Get followers

Instagram’s algorithms have become more like Facebook’s. Not all posts are visible to all followers. Acquiring new followers is also more difficult now than a few years ago. There are no shortcuts to getting a large following on Instagram.

High commitment always results. Also try to build relationships. Think of it as moving to a new city and not knowing anyone. Just like that it is for a new brand on Instagram.

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