An easy and good way to acquire new customers is to acquire one or more partner companies that are not competitors, but which are aimed at the same target group. For example, if you are a painter, you can ally yourself with a carpenter. You make sure to link to each other from your respective sites, and always recommend each other when you are at work.

The word of mouth method is undoubtedly one of the best sales channels. Give your current customers some kind of compensation if they bring you new customers. For example, it can be a good discount or free products. Make sure each “seller” gets a unique sales number so you can see who acquired the customer. Also let your family and friends be the advertising pillar for you.

You do not need to exhibit at trade fairs in order to take advantage of them. Choose the trade fairs that suit your business. Bring business cards and information material (and have the LinkedIn app ready to exchange contact information there) and get started building networks and attracting new customers. Dare to talk to everyone!

Newsletters are mainly intended to maintain a good relationship with existing customers, but with simple means you can also get the letter to work to get new customers. Make sure you have a box where the subscriber can forward the letter to a friend. Also let the letter contain something other than just product advertising, such as interesting articles or tips. This way you get more subscribers, and thus more customers. And don’t call it newsletters, name it something that attracts – for example, “Decisive insights from the construction industry”.

Taking advantage of your existing customers! Dare to ask if they know someone who may be a potential new customer for you. Reward them if they help you.

An easy way to break down the potential customer’s doubts is to have strong reference customers. Fill your website and information material with positive opinions from existing customers, preferably known ones. We are flock people, if one person is a customer, more people want to be. Do the same on Facebook and Google.

Customers who cannot decide can become a burden. Always ask for quick endings by having limited time campaigns or a limited number. These types of campaigns attract impulse purchases.

Most small businesses live on their own reputation. Make sure to be visible in the context where your customers are. Lecture in your area in schools and workplaces. Get involved in local sports clubs. Don’t be afraid to be seen and heard. Promote yourself as an expert!

Hang on buy / sell sites and on corresponding groups in social media, where you search for your type of expertise. This is a simple way to get in touch with new customers directly.

On the net there are several pages that bring together sellers with buyers. Sometimes it costs money, sometimes it is free. Search your particular industry on Google and you will get the majority of good pages. Make sure to also be included on price comparison sites.

Small business owners without large budget accounts may rely on their intellect rather than their wallet. This is called guerrilla marketing, and is your best friend. For example, you can place your business cards in well-chosen locations where your customer group is located. Another good way is to debate in the local newspapers. Name your company in passing. Always take the party of the weak, and gladly challenge.

Make sure you stand out, do the opposite of what everyone else does. For example, if you have a list of potential customers to call, be sure to start from Z instead of A. We promise, companies that start with letters that come far behind in the alphabet will receive significantly less calls than those starting at A Utilize industry records in general. Be always nice on the phone.

A lot of companies make the mistake of not showing clearly what the customer earns from buying from them. You’re smarter than that! Ensure that the focus of your marketing is on the customer’s added value. If you are a hairdresser, your advertising shows how the customer’s status will increase with a trendy hairstyle. The feeling determines most purchases. Therefore, you should speak to the customer’s feelings.

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