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Find Customers? How to Get Your First Customers (Fast!)

Which customers do you prefer?

Think about who your customers are and in what context they are. Note when encountering dream customers. Maybe they exist in specific networks or in a certain area?

When you list your dream customers, there are various aspects to consider such as what you think are the most fun to do in your business, geography and which you think can be most profitable.

Dig where you stand

Look around you. Do you have any friends, acquaintances or colleagues who may want to buy from you? People in your area can be excellent first customers, but make sure you get honest feedback and that even the customers you know are paying them.

Let your prospective customers test the offer

However, there may be times when it may be justified to give away a good or service. Some experts say that if the products you give are good then people will both spread the word and want to buy them. Other times when there may be reason to give away your item or service is when you want to give someone an opportunity to try what you are selling.

Collaborate with others

Another great way to get customers is to get a partner to supplement you. Then you can convey customers to each other. An example might be a carpenter who tips on a painter and vice versa. Make sure your partner is of the same quality as you because your name and brand will be associated with the ones you recommend.

Corporate customers? Search the online business directory

If you want to sell to business customers, you can search online and go through the business register. Look at the company’s website and search for news and industry media. When you know which companies you want to sell to, you need to gain knowledge about them. Look for clues that reveal if they actually need what you are selling. But don’t spend too much time on research. You do not need to know the entire company’s history, but the important thing is that you know what exactly you can contribute to their business.

Get in touch with your customers

When you list your wish customers, it is important to get in touch with them. If there are contacts that can introduce you, it is valuable. But if there is no, it is perfectly okay to visit events and the like where the people you want to sell to are there so you can “encounter them”. The condition is that it is a public event or industry event to which you have access.

Another option is to contact your potential customers by phone or email. Some prefer personal contact and a voice at the other end, others find it easier to receive emails and respond when there is time. A combination of both is to first send an email and then follow up with a personal phone call.

Get more customers on an ongoing basis

The tips above are not just adapted for completely new start-ups. Existing entrepreneurs also have much to learn from defining their desirable customers and then finding and contacting them. It is also important to regularly review and evaluate their customer base. If you have customers who are sloppy with payment times and make unreasonable demands, it is wise to consider if it is worth it. In the same way, you can also review your best customers and look at the opportunities to find new customers similar to that target group.

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