Tuesday, April 20

Five Effective Ways to sell More Products

Here you get five concrete and simple things to do to guarantee more sales.

Hurry up

Make sure you keep pace in all your sales processes. Return promptly, call back immediately and reply to an email without delay.
If you follow a lead from the web within five minutes, you are 9 times more likely to convert them.

Do everything to make sure that the process is moving forward, both at the customer and internally at your company. The chance is also that your competitors are not keeping pace, which increases the likelihood of you getting the deal and thus selling more.
To speed on is in many ways a setting question. You can, of course, speed up even more if you benefit from technology and smarter working methods.

Increased activity

One of the simplest and most effective ways is to increase activities. Make another call, go to another meeting. In addition to meeting more customers, you get more training on selling. If you increase the number of visits by ten percent, sales increase by ten percent, all else being equal.

A good way to get the activity up is to start measuring what you do, if you don’t already, and set specific goals. Also focus on the right activities, the ones that give the most results.

Ask more questions

If you ask a question at each customer meeting, you will be able to write better quotes, handle objections better, negotiate better. You will simply understand the customer better. It increases your sales.

I highly recommend having a checklist of questions. Some respond and say there is something for beginners. I do not agree at all, regardless of experience, it is good to have a checklist to go back to. Of course, it is not a matter of sitting and reading inside, but about being able to focus on what the customer answers and spend less time thinking about a good question.

Ask for the order more often

Exit earlier and more often. Practice asking a little earlier in the process and asking the question a little more often. It will shorten your processes and allow you to sell more.

For many, it is a lot to dare to ask. Many are still waiting for the customer to ask to buy. You must ask to sell more. You can read more about finishing techniques in “Three good finishing techniques”

Increase your sales skills

Activity and structure are important, you get even better outcomes if you also increase your sales skills. Read something about sales every day.

Watch a couple of Youtube videos with sales tips every week, go on a joint visit with an experienced colleague, ask for advice. You are never fully educated, keep learning more about sales and selling more.
What should you do to sell more?

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