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Free Slot Game: True or False?

Free Slot Game: True or False?

Are there really free slot machines that you can play and win real cash without investing your own money? Is this true or false? 

The answer is True. 

Many online casinos give players a chance to win real cash, even if they do not invest funds into their casino accounts. These are called bonuses, and they come in different forms.

Today, we will walk you through these different bonuses, help you understand how they work, and hopefully, you can start playing and win big once you know how to find these games.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

In this bonus, all you need to do is to register for an account. After registration, the online casino will give you free slot machines spins. Most of the time, these spins may only be used on specific slots. However, there are casinos that allow you to use your bonus spins on any game. The most common number of spins offered is between 20 and 50. 

Weekly No Deposit Bonus

Like the precious bonus, you will receive free spins from the casino management. This, however, is disbursed to players on a weekly basis. You must be a registered player before you get this weekly reward. Most of the time, the number of bonus spins you get depends on your VIP status. The higher your status is, the more spins you get.

How Do Slot Free Spins Work? 

In this type of bonus, you receive spin count, not cash. However, each spin comes with a cash value. Typically, each spin is worth the least possible bet per line on the slot, and each spin already accounts for all the pay lines per round. 

For example, an online casino may give you 50 free spins on the Starburst slot machine. On this game, the lowest bet per line is £0.01, and the game has 10 pay lines. In this case, each spin is £0.01 per line, and you have a bet for the ten paylines. What this means is that each spin is worth £0.10. The prize you win is in proportion with your bet. 

For 50 free spins, the cash equivalent is £0.10 X 50 = £5. However, you cannot withdraw this money, and you cannot convert it to cash to play other games until you meed the wagering requirement. 

Free Spins Bonus Rules

If you receive a free bonus, you need to meet some requirements before you can withdraw. You can play right away, but know that if you violate any of these rules, you forfeit the bonus and the winnings from it.

  • Game selection – you cannot use your free spins on all games. Most of the time, casinos will only let you play one slot. Sometimes, you can only play specific games, like Vulkan classic slots online. In a set-up like this, you can only use this bonus on the classic slots, but not on modern or 3D ones. 
  • Maximum bet – all casinos impose a maximum bet. The usual max bet is £5 per round. How is this possible if the cost of each spin is only £0.10? Well, you may have won several times already, and now you have more than £5 in your balance. In this case, you can only bet £5 per round and nothing more than that. If you break this rule, your winnings will get forfeited. 
  • Wagering requirement – this is a multiplier. It is the total amount of money that you have to bet before you can withdraw. If the wagering requirement is 10x and your bonus is worth £5, you have to bet a total of 10 X £5 = £50 before the casino allows you to withdraw that free money.
  • Maximum withdrawal – if you manage to grow your original £5 into something bigger, like £1,000, you cannot withdraw all that money. Casinos have withdrawal limits from the bonus spins. Mostly, you can only cash out no more than £100. You may think that this is not fair, but it is. Online casinos have this rule to prevent bankruptcy. After all, slot machines are games of chance, and you will never know if someone gets so lucky. 

All bonuses come with rules. While there are casinos that offer less restrictive rules, all online casinos put specific measures to prevent bonus abuse. Some gambling sites, on the other hand, give free spins with no rules, but these are rare. 


It is true that you can play a free slot game without investing money from your pocket. All it takes is to register for an online casino account. While these spins are free, keep in mind that there are rules associated with it. Make it a point to read the online casino’s terms and conditions for the free spins bonus. Understand these rules and follow them, so you can withdraw your winnings instead of getting them forfeited. 

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