Tuesday, April 20

How do You Build a Brand?

How to build a brand?

1. Live your brand with passion

In order to live your brand, it is important at an early stage to find your niche, create credibility and how you are perceived today. It’s about daring to invest in what you are passionately interested in, having patience and pursuing the venture all the way out – even if the setbacks emerge. Passionate people are the ones who create attention and make your brand memorable.

2. What makes a brand strong?

A strong brand can be built from both hard and soft building blocks. The hard ones are about the functional needs of the buyer, ie the product or service itself. Concrete examples are the durability of batteries, the competence of a car mechanic, etc. The soft building blocks are less about how the product or service performs and more about how the brand, or the company behind it, is perceived. For example, Apple; youthful and creative or the perfume Old Spice that has a niche in the masculine, humorous tone. A strong brand creates confidence, which in turn leads to new business.

3. Create a unique graphic profile

It starts with the name. Finding a name today can be difficult as the domain name is usually busy but test different alternatives and check with others to find your personal name. The name doesn’t have to say everything but keep it simple. A good company name should be unique and easy to remember in order to stand out from the crowd among competitors.

The visual part can be divided into different styles, minimalist, technical or perhaps classic? There are a variety of influences to be inspired by! Here it is important that you devise a plan for what your graphic profile with color, shape, and logo should look like. Think simplicity. Try not to use too many fonts or colors in your logo. Keep it simple!

4. Take the help of expertise

Building and developing your personal brand will always be your little nanny. However, you can save time by asking an agency for help. With expertise help, you get a clear and credible platform to start from which you can further refine. Start small and be consistent in all your communication. This should characterize your marketing which will build up the customer’s confidence and need for what is to be sold.

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