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How to Avoid Losing your Customers: 4 Tips for Better Customer Service

Spending time and resources on good customer service should be natural for all companies. Taking care of their customers when they encounter challenges or problems and not least following up on how the customer experienced the service. Does it look so in reality?
Research shows that 80 percent of all companies believe that their customer service is of high quality – but only 8 percent of customers agree. Catharina Flink is CEO of the CRM company SuperOffice, which helps companies improve their customer service.

Why do companies think customers are more satisfied than they are?

“Many people do not make proper measurements or follow-ups of their customer service. Asking their customers what they think does not have to be difficult. The answers are a gold mine of information to improve your processes and quickly act and manage any dissatisfied customers.”

The focus should be on the entire customer journey

Let’s emphasize the importance of good customer service in every contact – from initial dialogue with a potential customer to sales and when the customer needs support.


SuperOffice offers a 360-degree CRM view of the customer with a focus on marketing, sales and customer service. The CRM solution is award-winning and designed to facilitate the management of customer relationships in one and the same system – from first contact to the customer having a challenge or problem that needs to be solved.

“To understand the entire customer journey, the company must look at the customer experience as a whole. That the customer in every channel, with every person is treated in the same positive way. It is about having the omnichannel focus to get a uniform brand experience.

In addition, it is more important than ever to not get dissatisfied customers. Social media is such a big part of our everyday lives and a bad judgment from an individual customer can have a big impact.

In CRM, there is often talk of three legs: marketing, sales and customer service. The fact that all departments have access to the same information, preferably in a CRM system, allows the entire organization to benefit from it. What most frustrates customers is that they are constantly locked in between different people at the company so that the employees do not have a common image – which leads to the customer having to repeat their case several times.

A bad experience is the biggest reason to leave

A recent survey from the company Brilliant Future shows that 68 percent leave companies because of poor customer experience and of them, the majority say that customer service is by far the most important factor. SuperOffice has also recently conducted its own survey of customer service quality at 1,000 companies. In it, they give concrete advice on what companies need to do to deliver good service.

All statistics show that customer service is crucial to getting loyal customers and it is significantly cheaper to retain a customer than to get a new one.

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