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How to Build Your Brand Online

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Can you actually build your brand online?

With the ongoing digitalization in society, many people see the benefit of marketing themselves in digital channels. The answer is that a brand must stand for something and offer something that people want. You build a good and strong brand by:

1) Offering the best service or product that can be purchased in your market.
2) Treat your customers, employees and partners in the best possible way.

Why is this so important to point out? Well, because many companies place the entire responsibility for the brand on the marketing and this results in both unreasonable expectations and partly in focusing on the wrong things. It becomes easy to blame bad marketing when the brand does not hold and sales go bad, instead of looking at where it really is wrong.

By succeeding in the points above and packing your message in a good way, you are building your brand properly. Then you can both increase awareness of your brand and drive sales through marketing. With marketing, you reach and tell your target group that you are the best at the first two points, and then it is simply about getting good reach in the target group. And for reach, digital advertising fits well.

Of course, you should advertise, and preferably digital, but remember that marketing can never make a product or a company better than it actually is. First, make sure you build a good foundation so that you have a brand that is really worth promoting.

When you then advertise, it is important to appear in the channels where your target audience is located and in the right context so that they are receptive to your message. And equally important is not to appear in the wrong context that gives the impression that you have failed with paragraphs 1 and 2 above. Get help from your agency to find the right strategy for you.

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