How to Create Leads Automatically and Increase Your Sales

Creating leads automatically sounds a bit like science fiction. In reality, it’s more science than fiction. Sellers generally spend a lot of their time trying to make contact with potential customers.

When contact is established, more time is needed to qualify them and create dialogue. There is a lot of time here and therefore a lot of money to gain from automating this work.
Creating leads today can be done in a variety of ways and although it is not entirely automatic, larger or smaller parts of the work today can be automated. One way to succeed is to work with bidding on knowledge and start a dialogue with interested potential customers. Let’s take a closer look at how you can create leads through this approach.

Offer knowledge

Content marketing is simply about offering your target audience knowledge. This knowledge is distributed in editorial format such as blogs, articles, infographics. The material is usually distributed through various online channels, especially social media, although it is also possible to work with it in more traditional media. By offering knowledge, you indirectly create an interest in you and your solutions while you educate. This means that you slowly build up credibility within your area and take the first step towards increased sales.

Nurture the relationship

Lead nurturing and lead scoring is a natural next step. By creating a continuous flow of content to potential customers, you keep them engaged until they are ready to look at your solution more. The result increases the better you are at bidding on content that suits each recipient.

By setting “points” based on behavior, such as points for clicking on a link, you can make decisions about which recipients are interested and not. In this way, your follow-up and contact with the potential customers will be much more accurate.


Today there are so-called marketing automation programs, to automate large parts of the process. It is a tool where everything you need to distribute, measure and follow up on the work above is gathered in one place. Thanks to “automation”, you can remove large parts of the manual work on distributing, measuring and following up with the right content until the customer is ready for a contact. This allows you to process leads on an ongoing basis.

Follow up and develop

No matter how well you implement these efforts, everything falls apart if you do not follow up and then develop the plan. It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate with your content or, for that matter, how many of your leads you manage to qualify through lead nurturing and lead scoring if you do not follow them up.

But you already knew that, right? The big difference with using the three tips above is that your sales force can focus on the leads that are actually mature.
These four steps will help you start building a solution to “automatically” generate leads. This allows sellers to focus even more on closing the business rather than looking for potential customers. Simply be able to focus on increasing your sales.

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