Tuesday, April 20

How to Find more Potential Customers with Minimal Effort

One reason for all sales work is that there is a well-defined target group. In order to find potential customers, you must have a well-functioning process for how to prospect within the relevant target group.

The prospects are usually a challenge for many. However, a good salesman who works in a structured and methodical way can often with very little effort in the daily work get tips on good prospects.

Here are suggestions on activities that will help you find more potential customers with minimal effort:

Ask your existing customers

The absolute simplest and easiest way to get tips from potential customers is to ask your existing customers. Create a routine for each meeting with an existing customer to ask if they know someone who needs your solutions. A satisfied customer is happy to advise others. In addition, it will be much easier to get to a store if you have been recommended by an existing customer.

Question at new customer meetings

A bit more daring is to ask at the new customer meeting if they know more people who have the same needs. Here you can use your fingertip feeling if and when it is right to ask. However, it is not uncommon for companies that are in the process of buying something already bullied with acquaintances at other companies. How lucky you are to share these contacts. In some cases, there may even be synergies in working in this way.

Check out the sign in the stairwell

When you are on your way to the customer visit or directly after, always check what other companies are in the house. If there are companies that are relevant to you and are in your target group, it then takes you 5 minutes to stop by and ask at the front desk who is responsible for your questions. Then you send an email or even better make a call. If you are lucky, get in touch with the contact person immediately when you are at the reception.

Social networks

If there is a gold mine for prospects, it is on social networks. There are plenty of smart ways to find potential customers here. For example, when you update and comment on social media, you are guaranteed to run for companies and people who need your services. You can read more in “Four Steps to Successful Sales Through LinkedIn”.

Ads and advertising

If you are in the recruitment industry, job postings are still a great source of prospects. However, it is such a common way that it is a difficult road to be successful. However, there are lots of industries where one does not work that way but could do it. Search for job listings for a title you want to reach. When you see an ad from a potential customer, you make a listing and follow it up within three to six months when the person has just started.

Your social activities

Whether you play football, hunt or attend a cooking class, you meet a lot of people in private. Always be curious about where people work. It could be a potential customer. However, remember to use your fingertip feeling when and how you raise the question, but be sure to ask.

Children’s activities

If you have children, you will probably meet other parents on a daily basis. In all likelihood, there are people working with potential customers for you. Of course, you should not start with that question. It should also not be the main purpose of the conversation with other parents, but if you talk to them you will learn how to get into work. Then always be open to the opportunity to get a question about jobs and contacts.

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