Tuesday, April 20

How to get Your Customers to Brag About Your Company

Today, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to get customers to trust them. It is simply about being more credible to listen to a person than to a company. Therefore, it is especially important today that you have good customer relations so that they talk well about you when you are not in the room. But how do you do to get your customers to brag about you? Here are some tips!


Contact customers after shopping with you; Ask what they think and ask them to leave a review.

Have you received a thank you email from a satisfied customer? Ask for permission to use it on your web!

Do short video interviews with satisfied customers.

Let them show and tell you how they use your products and what they think.

Do you sell several types of products/services? Make sure you have references for as many of them as you can!
Also try to have references from different types of customers.

We prefer to listen to the experiences of someone similar to us. Do you need references from families with children, singles, and couples? Purchasing managers and IT managers? Young and older? Stockholmers and Scouts?

What online services do your customers use when looking for help? Google your company name or product/service and see what pops up if you don’t know.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews there. Don’t forget LinkedIn – you, for example, who works as a consultant can ask clients to make recommendations on your profile page.

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When asking for reviews, try to get them as concrete as possible.

Instead of something great, find out why it is good, exactly what benefit the customer has had from your products and in what way it has helped them. Give an example: Did they make money by using your products? Saved time? How much and in what way? How have you improved the lives of your customers?


Never forget to ask permission before using a customer’s word, name, image or logo.
Do not change the customer’s words or add anything. Authenticity is the key to credibility. It is the real customer experience and the customer’s own words that builds confidence in you.

Do not find quotes or customers. If you do good things, customers will say good things. You don’t have to invent compliments. Would you trust a company that needs to find satisfied customers? Use real, named people, preferably with a picture.
Remember to thank your reference customers!

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