How to Get Your First Customers

You have registered the company, obtained a website and printed up beautiful business cards. But where are the customers?

– As a new entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in everything you have to do instead of lifting the handset and starting to sell. But customers are the prerequisite for even being able to have a company, so they should always come first.

Step 1. Mapping

Selling everything and everyone does not necessarily have to be wrong. But you save a lot of time by first mapping which customers you should target.

– Instead, take this opportunity and ask yourself which you would rather have as customers.
Search the web, go through business listings and get into the habit of listing customers in your target audience that you come across.
– For example, to start somewhere, you can limit yourself to a specific industry or city. Then it becomes more tangible.

Step 2. Study

The next step is to familiarize yourself with the companies. The risk is otherwise that you spend time on customers who have no need for your services or products at all. Google the company, read the webpage and hear about any contacts you have. You can also search for the company at to see what the economy looks like

– Be crass and ask yourself: do they really need what I sell? If not, what need do they have and can I fill it?
You can also use the information you provide when contacting the company. By referring to something you have read on their website or in an article about the company, you seem to be reading and interested.
But, we should point out, it is a balancing act between getting in touch with potential customers and devoting far too much time to them.
– It’s about getting an overview – not going through ten-year-old accounts.

Step 3. Structure

Then it is important to organize your customers in a register. An ordinary Excel sheet goes well. Then it will be easier to bet by the companies and follow up the conversations as well.

Write down the name of the company, whom you should contact (call the exchange and ask if you do not know), telephone number and e-mail address. Also make a note in the register if you notice any specific need of the company.

Also write down if you have any kind of input. Does your sister’s ex-husband work there? Your grandmother’s friend? With the Linkedin site you can easily see if you have contacts in the company. You can then use them when you call or email the company in question.
– But don’t hang yourself up too much, it can be strange. Just say “I got your name from X with you and I’ll call about …”. Then it feels more natural,

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