Tuesday, April 20

How to Market your Business with Social Media

1. Be active
She says it’s important to be active on social media because otherwise you lose followers.

– My tip is to actually post three posts a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

2. Have only one account
If you want, you can have one account on for example Facebook, ie not a private account and a company account.

We think you should have everything collected in one account because we humans are very interested in each other’s privacy.

3. Be personal and invite yourself
Being self-employed in social media is the most important thing to make a difference. Dare to invite yourself, people are so damn careful. You should not be afraid to show emotions.

– Are you sorry to share it? Write that you are sad angry, happy or that you have succeeded in some business, it inspires people very much.

4. Plan your posts
It’s more work than many people think to be successful on social media.

– You can’t just believe that you can upload any image and it will be a hit.

It is important to plan posts for a short time to come. If you know, for example, that you are going on a trip or going to an event, you can plan for it. This will reduce the stress of ending up in a situation where you have not been good at putting up.

5. Invest in several different social media
In addition to Instagram,  you should use more platforms on social media.

It’s also important to think through how the posts should be constructed on various platforms.

6. Be positive
Try to be positive in the posts.

7. Use text, image and hashtags together
It is important that the text and the hashtag are related to the image. Before you post anything, you should think through what you want to say with the picture.

It’s about spending time and it has to be an image that appeals to people, what you write in social media has to capture someone directly.

It is also important to use hashtags correctly to reach more people.

8. Respond to comments
It is important to respond to comments.

– Your followers know you, they spend time writing comments so I think it is very important. I don’t always have time to respond to comments but there is a heart, you can like. It is greatly appreciated.

It is possible to repost followers’ posts to get their attention.

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