Tuesday, April 20

How to sell more to Existing Customers

Retaining an existing customer is always cheaper than selling to a new one. Therefore, it may be worth exploring increased market penetration and customer loyalty.

Increased market penetration. Explore what products customers could buy, but where they stand and wish. Why haven’t they made the purchase yet?

Be sure to identify your customers’ customers – this can quickly lead to increased penetration. Work with increased value for each customer contact.
The journey after purchase is at least as important as the decision-making process. Customers must feel well treated; that they are special because they have just chosen your product.

Develop an action plan. Define customer needs, and make them a priority. The key to selling more after a customer’s first purchase is support and customer contact – make sure customers know why they should continue to buy from you!

Remember to segment your market carefully. Different groups respond more or less well to a certain type of communication, so a varied approach is important.

Also, make sure to increase the number of contacts in each account, to avoid communication being interrupted if your only contact goes on vacation, gets sick or ends up at the company.

Work with credibility and trust. Check out how customers use your product if it goes well and come up with some new ideas. Always have the right and up-to-date information – and share it with your customers. Transparent organizations are in the cry, so be honest in all customer contacts.

Apply these three tips in the training and policy for the customer service, sales, and marketing department.

Only then can you sell even more to existing customers.

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