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Inbound marketing Tips

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is about delivering more value to your prospective and current customers. The question is how is it going in today’s situation, with plenty of marketing channels to choose from?

Many companies utilize social media, digital advertising, content, SEO and so on. But the challenge, or the problem, is that they do not know what works. What really gives customers value? What activities will help you convert visitors? What makes them want to come back?

In very many cases, we measure the number of likes, reach or website visits. But in all situations, all happy thumbs up (or what has now been measured) must lead to business transactions and beyond.

Inbound is about that: How do I get the right leads? Leads that lead to business, which lead to satisfied customers who return and tell about their positive experience with your company. By working in this way, you will gain steady growth in your company, with new and existing customers.

How do you help your prospects with Inbound Marketing?

In order for you to achieve steady growth in the short and long term, we believe that your focus must be on helping your customers. You need to be able to help your potential customers understand that they have a problem, not by chatting, but by showing that you have a solution that would give them more value: money, time or something else.

If they are already aware of their problem and are looking for a solution, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the right knowledge to solve the problem. You have to be generous with your knowledge by offering help. It will build trust with the customer and give the beginning of a long relationship that will be part of your long-term growth.

Why Use Marketing Automation?

So far, marketing has mainly been based on one-way communication from a company to a broad mass. Today we have realized that it is obvious waste of both money and time.

A central part of working with Inbound Marketing is Marketing Automation. Or automated marketing if we are to stick to Swedish. The whole thing is based on being able to make marketing more personal, on an individual level or to a cluster of people who are predefined. The reason for working in this way, of course, is to be able to give a value to the recipient of the message.

Why is Hubspot’s marketing platform the market leader?

Hubspot’s platform is used by almost 70,000 companies in over 100 countries around the world.

How does Inbound help your salespeople?

Many from the older generation still want the old methods to be the right and real ones. Certainly many of us have heard the sales manager utter the words “now it is only fair to start lifting the handset if we are to increase the result”. Killing that myth is no more difficult than going to yourself and pondering when you answered and bought something on such an occasion.

With the help of Inbound Marketing you can serve your sales warm leads. Leads who want to be contacted by your company. The sales process becomes much more efficient when your sales people can process people (one-to-one marketing) who have an interest in what you sell.

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