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Inbound vs. Outbound lead generation

Inbound lead generation
Simply put, inbound lead generation is when you share content. Can be: downloadable guides, checklists and other content that add value to your target audience. The goal of the activities is to attract people from companies that meet your ideal customer to, voluntarily, provide contact information. Inbound lead generation is about taking people who have shown an interest and warming them up with different kinds of content to make them “warm” until a salesperson can be connected, book the meeting and close the deal.
Outbound lead generation
Is the opposite of inbound lead generation. Ie any activity that occurs outside without the people you contact has shown interest. For example, ads, mail and outgoing calls. In most cases, outbound lead generation occurs without data insights. This is done by means of purchased lists or by the seller manually looking for new prospectuses and calls.
But with the right tools in place you can save a lot of time and avoid manual work. Streamline your work by working more data driven!

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