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10 Ways to Keep your Customers

Think about it. When were you last treated with perfect service? When did you last feel completely satisfied after a purchase? I guess it was a while ago. But when that happened, you were so surprised that you immediately told it to all your friends.

There are far too many sellers who are so dissatisfied with what they do that they let it go out over their customers. It’s poor service, people who don’t call back. Are we feeling too good? Do companies have so many customers that it doesn’t matter if someone falls away?

How should you make customers always come back?

1. Reward loyal customers

You can write things down that rewards the loyal customer.  Let customers be more involved in the process by researching what they think about your business. And when you have made the changes that the customers wanted, tell that customer. Show that you do what you do for their sake. I usually say that if you give the customers what they want, you also get what you want. Rewarding loyal customers is a way to ultimately give yourself what you want.

2. Give a specific offer on the next purchase, directly

Send a so-called bounceback with all deliveries. A bounceback is just what it sounds like, something that should bounce back quickly. Say you ship your product on Monday. Then you can have an offer on a supplementary product directly with the delivery. The offer is valid until Friday. If you have a store, leave a discount offer on the next purchase of a complementary product so that the customer wants to come back.

3. Defend your place in customers’ hearts

During the periods between purchases, you must show the customers that you are there. Write letters to them. Issue a newsletter that tells about news in the company in a non-selling way. Show that you are there when they need for what you deliver appears in their heads. When it is time for the customer to shop, it will be your company that comes first to mind.

4. Show customers that they are important to you

If people can’t get a hold of you, always make sure that there is someone to talk to them at your company even if it is not exactly them that the customer is looking for. When your customer has a need for your company, it should not be the responsibility of the customer to get in touch.

5. Find out what customers want besides what you give them now.

If your product is blue, how do you know it’s the color your customers really want? Ask them. Find out how they want your product to be because so that they want to buy it.

6. Create conditions to act the way the customer wants

If the customer always returns and buys the same thing, make sure the customer has an order form with everything filled in except the quantity of article number 3. To make it easy for the customers is to show that they are important to you.

Is it possible to split payments? Can you pay by card? Is it possible to order by telephone, internet, by letter? Make it as easy as possible for the customer to order. The ideal is that if the customer wanted your product or service it would be on the table in front of him/her within the next second. Take your product/service as quickly to your customer as possible.

7. Create loyalty programs

Everyone is doing it now. And it’s quite fun to get extra checks from stores.  Can you do that too? There are two benefits to the system:
a) Your loyal customer gets extra cash to shop for.
b) Presumably, he/she buyers for more than the check/coupon when the check is redeemed for goods.

8. Surprise your customers with a discount they did not expect.

If you have a customer who has always purchased from you, do not take that customer for granted, it is fatal. If you bill your customers every month, deduct 20 percent at any time as a pleasant surprise. If you have a store you can say that you are offering something today. It is the small details that do it. If you have a customer who buys your lunch every morning, offer a drink sometimes. Make it nice and happy to shop by showing that you recognize the customer and are happy with the daily visit.

9. Show your knowledge

It is easy. For example, if you sell computers, then you are probably good enough to produce a questionnaire where customers can answer questions about what they want to use the computer for.

That way you can find out what computer your customer actually needs. Show that you want the customer to be satisfied, not your accountant. The customer wants the computer they need, not your most expensive or the one with the highest margins. If the customer can feel this, then you will receive something worth more than their money today-  a long-term relationship.

10. Show that you are here to stay

Your company should signal continuity and stability for us to believe in it. Show customers your business idea.
Show how you intend to make life easier for them. View your profile and how it differs from other companies. Show how the difference is seen either in quality or in the customer’s wallet. Show how it should be done in the short and long term. Show what your business is all about. Why is there? This is the question the customer would like to have answered and the answer should differ from what your competitors are saying.

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