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Getting Leads and Building Your Customer Base

Leads = New Customers.

New customers – everyone wants and needs more. Even if you are full right now, the average company loses 10-30 percent of its customers every year. Finding new customers is thus critical to the success. Finding new customers is the most difficult area in sales, whether you are a professional salesperson or run your own.

Most Importantly – Build your brand

Many people think that only large companies can have a brand. Today it is easier than ever to reach out even for smaller companies, you can advertise on Facebook for example a few hundred dollars. The secret is to have a clear message to a clear target group, then in a short time and with a small budget you can build a strong brand in that group.

Building Your Base

You are most likely to have a large number of potential customers among your contacts, such as former colleagues and managers, relatives and clients from previous jobs. If you think another step, ie the contacts of your contacts, there are guaranteed potential customers. So start by looking at your contacts and how you can use them to find new customers. Keep in mind that in the long run it doesn’t work to just ask for things so always think about how you can help your contacts.

More and more of the business is done in digital channels. Even really big deals often start in a digital channel and then move to another channel. Therefore, make sure to build a good, strong digital presence. For example, it could be your website or a blog. Choose the one that works best to find new customers in your industry.

Facebook and LinkedIn and the other social networks are increasingly moving towards becoming places where we do business. The network that applies and exactly how to proceed varies from industry to industry. Therefore, look at where your competitors and similar companies are. Read on and learn more about how selling with social networks works. If you want to learn the basics of doing business on LinkedIn, you can download our ebook – “Social Selling”.

Where are your potential customers? Often they can be found in different networks. There are a plethora of different networks where you can mingle and often fill with interesting knowledge. Do not waste your time in aimlessly running around on everyone. Instead, look at where your customers are. Then set aside time to regularly join those networks. Want to immerse yourself in networking is recommended – Get better at networking in seven easy steps.

You don’t have to think of everything yourself. Look at what competitors and similar companies are doing to get customers. Copy their layout straight away or make a small change to better suit you. Think about how children do. They do not lock themselves in a room and try to figure things out for themselves, they look at adults, older children etc and then imitate. Copying is a quick and smart way to find new customers so do it with pride.

Take every opportunity given to actually tell you what you are doing. Most people are busy with everything they have to do so even if you think everyone knows you started your own and you think everyone knows what you do, unfortunately it is not. Most do not know or remember so tell again and again. Of course, you should get it in a good way, that is, ask what others are doing and have a nice discussion, but don’t forget to tell us what you do.

If you do not have a newsletter that you send to customers and potential customers, you should get it today. If you already have one, look at how you can improve it. A good newsletter offers a lot of knowledge and tells you what you can help with. And above all, a good newsletter helps you get new customers.

Can you find good collaborations that can lead you to find more customers? It can be a company that sells to similar customers or someone who has a complementary product or service. The collaboration can be a deeper partnership or you just recommend each other.

If you make sure you become an authority in your area, you will get new customers easier and faster. It may sound difficult, but if you start out being the best in a small narrow area that applies to your service or product, it usually goes faster than you think. You can start blogging, make a vlogg, answer questions in different social networking groups, hold webinars and so on. Do what it suits you and your customers best to help them and at the same time show that you are an expert.

Make sure you take advantage of your references everywhere in your marketing and sales. Have your customers’ logos on the website, use customer quotes in your presentations, tell others what your customers say about you. We choose a lot based on what others think, show that others think you and what you sell are good.

Can you get help from a reseller to find new customers? It can be anything from another company that wants to sell your product or service to any of the brokerage services available in almost every area. Sit down at the computer, google and read about what’s available that works for you.

If there are trade shows that suit you and your company, you should look into whether you can participate in them. If the budget is not available, it can often be worth visiting the fair as visitors and mingling, making contacts, selling you to customers and finding different forms of partnerships.

Even if you are uncertain about what works, it is always better to start doing something. If you sit in the office and hope that more customers will come in, you may as well close down and do something else. It is always better to go out and do something, see what works, refine and improve along the way.

Make sure you are clear about what you do and can help your customers. Both large and small companies are usually far too unclear. In the fear of not getting customers, you are told everything you can. No one can listen to it, but instead you buy from someone who is clear about what they can do.

We do business with people we like. This is even more true for small businesses where the people who work there are so clearly the whole company. Of course, it is not enough that they like you to sell, but it becomes so much easier.

Sometimes doing the opposite can be excellent. If you see that all competitors are acting in a way, try doing the opposite. Who do you remember about a group of people, the ones who were quite similar and talked about the same things or the person who stood out and thought something different?

Call back immediately, respond to email directly, submit a quote quickly. Nobody likes to wait, if you are faster than your competitors it will be easier to do business with you. So fast, you get new customers easier.

Ask for feedback from all potential customers you meet, both those who bought and those who said no. And remember, take it to yourself and learn from it. Far too many turn off when you get negative feedback. It leads to two things, fewer people will give you feedback and you miss an opportunity to get better. When you get feedback, you can then act on it and get better. You can simply choose, no feedback and less sales, or take feedback and sell more. Learn more about how to get better at receiving feedback.

Every day, things happen, small and big, in our world that affect you and your customers. Some see the most problems and are beaten down. Others see opportunities, how can I take advantage of this? Can I help and at the same time find new customers? Read newspapers, watch news, pay attention to what is happening in the world and how it affects you and your customers

You can easily find new customers if it is super easy to shop. If you run an e-commerce business with private individuals, this is absolutely critical to success, but even if you sell a little more complex things to companies, you will gain from doing so easily. Therefore, work regularly to simplify for your customers.

Just wanting a lot of things and doing things a bit at random will not be good in the long run. Make a plan for finding new customers. You can always change a plan if something does not work but then it is a conscious decision to do so. If you do not have a plan, you will find it harder to see what works and what does not.

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