Tuesday, April 20

Measure Brand Awareness: Build a Powerful Brand

Nowadays, you rarely see a company that is the only one in its market.

If you go to the local grocery store you will find countless brands of the same product. With about the same price. What makes you choose a brand over the others? Is it the taste? Perhaps. What about Pepsi and Coca-Cola then?

What is brand awareness?

If you work with marketing, you know that your job is about getting people to choose your product no matter how similar the competitors’ products are to your product. But where do you start?

First, you need to find out where you stand when it comes to brand awareness. Brand awareness is about how well-known consumers are with your product or service. Is your brand the first thing they think of when they want to buy a particular product or service? When you know how visible (or invisible) your business is to consumers, you can target marketing properly (so you can attract more traffic to your website or store).

Write effective survey questions for brand recognition and recognition

Two things should be measured in a brand awareness survey. The first is brand recognition, which is the consumer’s ability to remember a brand without help. Since you need a true measure of how well consumers know your brand, you should not make them biased by revealing the company name directly. For example, if you really want to know how up-to-date your brand is in consumers’ minds, ask spontaneous questions (no help with the brand name) like these:

How familiar are you with the product?

When you think of a particular product, what brands will you think of then?
The first question, “How familiar are you with that product?”, It can be a multiple-choice question with answer options like these:

  • Extremely familiar
  • Very familiar
    Pretty familiar
  • Not very familiar
  • Not at all familiar

The other spontaneous question for the branding message, “When you think of this product, what brands will you think of then?”, Can be an open question – that is, the respondents have a text box where they can enter any brand they can come on

Dig deeper: Find out what consumers think about your brand
How familiar or aware of your brand consumers are is only part of the equation. If you want to evaluate the brand’s overall strength, you can visit our brand identity resource page and brand building and read about how to conduct a brand attribute survey as well as access templates for brand loyalty, capital and awareness surveys.

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