Tuesday, April 20

Prospecting – Identify Potential Leads

Exploration is about the process of finding companies and contacts who are potential customers. Companies and contacts you want to start working on to get them as customers in the long run.

Prospecting – Find the man with the problem

Simply put, exploration is done by choosing which potential customers you should spend time working on for different reasons. Or as Ben Friedman writes, find those who have a problem that you can solve.
Wikipedia definition of exploration: “Exploration is the search for natural raw materials, such as minerals and petroleum”. At the same time, it is appropriate for the word means in sales to find just the valuable potential customers in the large mass.
The first step in exploration is to identify your target audience. This is done by trying to narrow the search area by setting different constraints such as geography and economic key figures. You can read more about target group work here, Better target group work – Better sales
Step two of the exploration is then to get potential customers that you can process in different ways. In Sweden, the easiest way is often to buy a list from any of the companies that provide customer registers. Several CRM providers also provide opportunities to download prospectuses directly through the system.
However, the quality varies. Can you find a better register through, for example, an industry association or collaborate with someone who has the same target group as you usually list a better quality.
In some cases, it may be best to carry out the practical exploration work yourself by phone or e-mail and thus obtain a list of prospects to further process.
All exploration is about finding the people and companies that have a problem that you can solve.
The above are the most common approaches, but there are alternative ways to prospect. A guaranteed way to be very successful, whether it is for an individual salesperson or an entire sales organization, is to reverse it.
Find a way that allows you to predict when a company has exactly the problem you can solve. There is no simple solution that works for everyone, so the challenge is to find one that works for your situation.

Regardless of how you choose to solve your exploration, a well-functioning exploration is one of the foundations for successful sales.

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