Wednesday, August 5

Seven Simple Mistakes That Make you Lose Customers

There are many things that can cause you to lose customers. Sometimes the reason for losing a customer is more extensive, such as quality problems or the like. But more commonly, it is the small simple things that happen in the daily work that cause the customer to leave. Here are some common causes.

You do not focus on customer benefit

In all customer relationships, it is important to deliver customer benefit. The day you forget it and just focus on doing what you need and nothing more, then the journey begins to lose the customer.

You are not available

That the customer can reach you is crucial for a good relationship. Of course, the level of availability depends on several aspects, but on the day the customer feels that you are not available, that day they start looking for a new supplier.

You are unclear

Being unclear creates uncertainty. Uncertainty damages relationships and causes customers to leave. Therefore always work to be clear in all situations, this is especially true if there is bad news or problems you should communicate about.

You don’t keep what you promise

Promising and keeping thin is a perfect way to hike if you want to lose your customers. The vast majority of relationships survive problems and mistakes. However, if the customer feels that you promise more and more than you can, then the customer will leave you. In order to keep your customers, it is always better to take the discussion immediately when needed instead of promising things you cannot keep.

You’re impersonal

All relationships are between people, never between companies. Good relationships require you to be more than professional, it requires you to be personal. The level varies, of course, depending on the customer and the extent to which you communicate. Keep in mind that you can be personal whether you are eye to eye or talking through a chat.

You do not resolve complaints

Failure to handle the customer’s complaint will result in you losing your customer. Complaints in themselves are no danger. In all longer customer relationships, you will receive some complaints, the crucial thing is how you handle them.

They don’t hear from you

One of the most common reasons why customers leave is that they do not hear from you. If you have a relationship you must have regular contact, otherwise, the relationship will die slowly. Make sure you get in touch regularly. The extent of the contact and the form of contact are of course determined by the size of the customer, but hear from you.

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