Tuesday, April 20

Seven Things that Make you a Better Seller

Specialize yourself

The idea that a good seller can sell anything is basically wrong. It would be the same as if an athlete were automatically good at all sports. The more you become specialized in the industry, service, product and so on, the better sales you will become.

The time when a seller had an automatic knowledge transfer is long past. To become a better seller, you must constantly read about your product and service, your industry and above all your customers. Everything from the web, newspapers, LinkedIn and all other places where you can find information.

Fewer but the right leads

In the past, quantity was a winning strategy in terms of leads. Today, quality is much more important. In most industries, you need to spend more and more time on each potential deal to become a better seller and then you don’t have the time to have a bunch of half a dozen leads.

Waste your time

After first contacting a potential customer, you need to make a proper assessment of whether it is worth spending time on that deal. Your ability to make the right decision here determines if you become a better seller. You will not have the time to sit with a lot of potential business that will take your time without getting lost. Dare to waste your time.

More personality, less sales technique

You may have read all the books on sales technology and gone through every training available to become a better salesperson. Without using your personality and building relationships with your potential customers, you will be no better than a computer. Sales technology and knowledge in sales, yes. But let your person be what meets the customer. Then you become a better seller.

Focus on the customer’s results

If you want to be a better seller, you should always focus on creating results for your customer, then your results will automatically. If you focus more on your results, the customer will notice it and spend their money on someone who focuses on them.

Speed wins over perfection

Adding a day to try to write the perfect quote will not help you become a better seller. Everything goes faster and faster and you have to keep up. Here we are not talking about keeping a low quality, but knowing where the boundary goes in your particular business. Venture to deliver.

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