Tuesday, April 20

4 Tips for a Stronger Brand in Social Media

As today’s consumers become increasingly discerning, it becomes more important for a company’s survival to ensure authenticity. And what do we mean by that? In short, one can translate authenticity into integrity, where the focus is on honesty and transparency.

What is communicated outwards must be in line with the brand’s why and how? As a brand, you must not act contradictory, but the messages you send out must be connected and feel credible.

According to a survey conducted by Cohn & Wolfe, 87% of global consumers believe that brands should always act responsibly. A pure class victory in comparison to innovation (72%) and how unique a product or service is (71%).

It is no longer about a hunt for the next “best product” but it is about trust in the brand and how it can contribute to the consumer world in a meaningful way.

Demonstrate authenticity in social media?

According to SproutSocial, which is conducting another survey, there are a few things that help strengthen the image of the brand’s authenticity:

Admit when you have made mistakes – even at the very top of the top

Just being on social channels for no purpose will diminish credibility – be sure to answer customer questions.
Be open about pricing the products or services you offer

Share how you work with development, marketing, personnel issues and general well-being within the organization.
Show their basic values by taking a stand on political and social issues
With all this information in mind, how should companies act to strengthen their brand in social media? We list our four top tips below.

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