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What is Inbound Marketing?

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What is inbound marketing that everyone is talking about?

Over the years, inbound marketing has become more and more sophisticated and the opportunities have become more and more. Here, we try to describe inbound marketing for you who are new to the concept.

The principle of inbound marketing is really quite simple: instead of looking for potential customers with outreach sales or bulky marketing, you create a thoughtful input for potential customers looking for information related to what you can offer. They may not be in a situation where they are interested in ordering anything from you right now, but they may be a potential, future customer if a good relationship with you begins and is built at an early stage.

Inbound marketing briefly means:

  • that you spend time and budget on attracting customers instead of chasing them
  • that people in the right situation find you
  • that you offer knowledge that creates credibility
  • that you build a relationship with potential customers systematically
  • potential customers learn what they need to know without having to spend time on it every single time
  • that you are contacted by relevant customers

Times change, people’s behaviors follow technological developments and with the internet, everyone knows that they can find what they are looking for when they need it. Today’s buyers dislike being watched by sellers and seeing irrelevant ads. As with everything else, companies must adapt to reality, and those who understand and adapt discover a new world. The whole thing is about creating an infrastructure that leads to effective marketing and strong, long-term growth.

Here’s what the customer journey looks like in the inbound marketing methodology:

  • Understand your target groups and their situations
  • Attract the audiences to visit your website
  • Convert to lead
  • Process leads with marketing automation (lead nurturing)
  • Close the deal
  • Make customers happy to become your ambassadors
  • No one should feel compelled to buy or contact you, they should want to.

In order for the principle to work, you need to do proper preliminary work with person profiles (personas), good content in a thoughtful flow that guides the target group correctly, and a marketing strategy. This requires advanced tracking/measurement and automated events that are being prepared.

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