What is Marketing Automation?

The idea of ​​Marketing Automation is to give you a better effect on your marketing and communication with your leads and customers. So if you have limited time and want more customers, this is something you want to take a closer look at.

Maybe you have heard the term Marketing Automation before? It is especially popular with media agencies and may sound good, but for an “outsider” it is not entirely clear what it actually is.

So what is Marketing automation really? Simply explained, it is a collective name for a number of things that happen “under the hood” in your marketing machinery.

You often use a combination of automated e-mail, messenger bots, SMS, etc. There are different points of contact with your leads that happen at “just the right time” as they are most receptive and interested in what you offer.

The result of successful Marketing Automation will be more leads and more customers.

If you are, for example, interested in potatoes, you want to follow up with more information about potatoes and not apple trees.

Personal contact at the right time

Everything is not about automatic mail sending, bots or SMS ..

Many CRM systems can keep track of your leads for you and can then send you a message when someone is on your website for the 3rd time and read about your goods and services.

When that happens, it is a good time to make personal contact with them and present your service in more detail while answering any questions they may have. It may be that you just need an assurance that your service is right before you buy.

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